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The Nissan Latio is a good deal if you are looking for a spacious sedan. It is offered at less than Rs8,000 per month! Take you chance now or regret it later 🤭 #GinzaMotors #NissanLatio

The Honda Grace with its exclusive design has a lot to offer, mainly a stylish outer body, a comfortable interior and savings as it is an hybrid sedan. If you are looking for a hybrid vehicle but with more space than a hatchback this will definitely be THE car! #GinzaMotors #HondaGrace #Hybrid

Can you see it winking 😉 at you? Yes it does ☺️ Guess which brand and model it is! #GinzaMotors #NewModel

The Ginza Motors Team wishes you and your family a happy and prosperous Chinese new year! Kung Shee Fat Choy.

Less than an hour left to meet our team at Kendra!! #GinzaMotors #DrivingSales #Kendra

Come meet our team and see the Nissan March K13 at Kendra today until 1pm! #GinzaMotors #DrivingSales #Kendra

Meet our team until 7pm at Kendra today!! #GinzaMotors #DrivingSales #Kendra

Even the chinese dragon came to our stand at Kendra ☺ what are you waiting for? 🤪 #GinzaMotors #DrivingSales #Kendra

Our team is ready to welcome you at Kendra! Come see the eye-catching and spacious Nissan Note today. Also benefit from special offers as well as gifts! #GinzaMotors #DrivingSales

Grab our special offers at Kendra St Pierre this w.end!! #GinzaMotors #DrivingSales #Kendra

This week-end meet our team at Kendra Commercial centre for advice and special offers on a range of vehicles. Meet us and win gifts :)

Fuel your new year resolutions with Ginza 😁 Get a good start to the year with our special offers on a range of vehicles!!! #GinzaMotors #FuelYourNewYearResolution

Save Money with the Nissan Hatchbacks as from Rs435,000*!! Choose between the Nissan March K13 and the Nissan Note, the lowest priced small cars within the Nissan range with an affordable running cost. #GinzaMotors #FuelYourNewYearResolutions

Spend more family time with the sedan models as from Rs520,000*!! Spacious sedans made for comfortable family rides. Choose between the Nissan Latio and the Nissan Sylphy. #GinzaMotors #FuelYourNewYearResolutions

Be a better person by using hybrid vehicles as from Rs590,000*!! Hybrid vehicles will help you to be a better person towards the environment by using less fuel and as such help reduce pollution level. Choose between the hatchback Toyota Aqua or the sedan Honda Grace. #GinzaMotors #FuelYourNewYearResolutions

Get Fit with the Honda Fit as from Rs580,000*!! With its spacious boot options, you will be able to take your bike for rides in nature or other sports equipment to keep you going with the new year resolutions! Choose between the Honda Fit or the Honda Fit Hybrid. #GinzaMotors #FuelYourNewYearResolutions

With the new year comes the good resolutions 😄 We've gathered 4 good resolutions for this year. React to the post to let us know your main resolution for 2019! #GinzaMotors #NewYear #FuelYourNewYearResolutions

Let the old year end and the New Year begin with the warmest of aspirations. May this year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations in your life. Happy New Year 2019 🎉 🎆 😊

Nous avisons notre fidèle clientèle et le public en général que le showroom de Ginza Motors sera fermé le lundi 31 décembre 2018 à midi. Nos activités reprendront normalement le lundi 07 janvier 2019. Nous vous souhaitons d'excellentes fêtes de fin d'année et vous remercions de votre compréhension.

Just a reminder this festive season so that we are all safe ☺️ #FestiveSeason #DoNotDrinkAndDrive