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Ginza Driving Deals at Flacq Coeur de Ville until 9pm today! #GinzaMotors #DrivingDeals #FlacqCoeurDeVille

Ginza Driving Deals to you!! Check out our special offers and meet us at Flacq Coeur de Ville on 24th & 25th February. #GinzaMotors #DrivingDeals #SpecialOffers #FlacqCoeurDeVille

Ginza Motors is Driving Deals to you! We know it can be a bit hard to come to Port Louis those days with the traffic and the heat. That is why those two coming weekends our sales team will be coming to you, in two locations along with special deals and last chance offers. Come meet us at: ~ Flacq Coeur de Ville on 24th & 25th February ~ La Place Cap Tamarin on 3rd & 4th March

Ginza Motors...Driving Deals to you!! Meet us at Flacq Coeur de Ville on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th February and on 3rd & 4th March at La Place Cap Tamarin for specials deals! #GinzaMotors #DrivingDealsToYou #FlacqCoeurDeVille #LaPlaceCapTamarin

Ginza Motors...Driving Deals to you!! Meet us at Flacq Coeur de Ville on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th February for specials deals! More info coming up during the week. #GinzaMotors #DrivingDealsToYou #FlacqCoeurDeVille

Happy Valentine's Day! Share the love today and always 💖 #GinzaMotors #ValentinesDay #ShareTheLove

The Nissan March K13, the compact car offering a smooth urban ride on a very special offer as from Rs440,000 on road excluding insurance! #GinzaMotors #NissanToSuitYourNeeds

The Nissan Note with it's eye-catching look & tremendous space efficiency on a very special offer as from Rs450,000 on road excluding insurance! #GinzaMotors #NissanToSuitYourNeeds

Choose the Secondhand Imported Nissan that will best suit your needs! Stay tuned in the following days to discover each model to make YOUR choice. #GinzaMotors #Nissan

Commemorating the 183rd anniversary of the Abolition of Slavery in Mauritius. #History #Heritage #AbolitionOfSlavery #ABCGroup #Mauritius

Play and Win with Ginza Motors. Congratulations to Husayn Khan :) who won one Cargonizer and one bundle gift comprising of a Ginza Sunshade, Ginza Mug & Ginza Key ring. Thanks to everyone who participated. #GinzaMotors #PlayandWin #Winner

Thanks to everyone who participated in our game "Guess the brand and model" The vehicle is the Honda Grace Hybrid now available at Ginza Motors. Stay tuned to know who won our game! #GinzaMotors #HondaGrace #Hybrid

Play and Win with Ginza Motors!! Guess the brand and model in the picture. All those with the correct answer (until noon on 25.01.18) will be eligible to enter the draw to win Surprise Gifts :) #GinzaMotors #PlayandWin

If you are in need of a Station Wagon for work or personal purposes, we have the Nissan Wingroad available in different colors and years! #GinzaMotors #NissanWingroad

Want to kick off the year with a futuristic looking car while making savings? The Honda Insight will be your best choice! Up to Rs30,000 reduction on our prices, available in year 2013 & 2014. #GinzaMotors #HondaInsight #SpecialOffers

Bonjour à tous, Tout indique que nous serons bientôt en alerte 3 car le cyclone tropical intense Berguitta s’approche dangereusement du pays. Quelles sont les précautions à prendre pour votre véhicule et/ou votre habitation en cas d’alerte 3? #StaySafe #ABCGroup #Cyclone

Kicking off January with Special Offers on Nissan Note 2013 in stock! From Rs20,000 to Rs40,000 discount applicable. Be sure to grab our offer while it lasts! #GinzaMotors #JanuaryOffer #NissanNote

After the festive season, it is time to get back to work! Wishing you all a fruitful year ahead :) Our team is also back to welcome you to our showroom today! Have a nice week 😊 #GinzaMotors #BackToWork

Communiqué de Fermeture 2017 - 2018. L'équipe de Ginza Motors sera de retour le 8 Janvier 2018.

The Ginza Motors team wishes you a sparkling new year filled with new possibilities and happiness!! Happy New Year 2018 :) 🎆🎇

During this festive season, let's remember that some things just don't mix! Don't Drink and Drive to protect yourselves, your family and other road users!! Happy Safe Festive Season from Ginza Motors Team 🙂 #GinzaMotors #FestiveSeason #DoNotDrinkAndDrive